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    Our stands are 5 mtr. deep, and the width can be extended with 2,5 mtr. each time.

    5 x 2,5 mtr

    5 x 5 mtr

    5 x 7,5 mtr

    5 x 10 mtr

    Bring your own stand

    ( Price for bringing your own stand is € 10,00 per M2)



    Height: = M2

    - Prices are exclusive tax.
    - Payment (when you are selected): By invoice and 100% upfront.
    - All stands smaller than 8x4 M2 have access for two employees, each additional person must purchase a festival ticket (no exceptions).

    - General conditions for stand rental at Graveland Festival (English)
    - Algemene voorwaarden standhuur Graveland Festival (Nederlands)

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